What Is Drip Marketing?

The market offers many interesting and dynamic marketing options to boost the sales and bottom lines of businesses today. One of the cost effective and efficient marketing strategies is drip marketing. Drip marketing involves an auto-responder that automates the sending of business or promotional emails to identified business customers or potential leads. This technology gadget […]

What to track in your business

Tracking is one of the essential strategies that you need to implement into your online business if you are planning to go for the long term. If you have a product that is doing well, tracking and optimizing your sales page and sales funnel will definitely help you get more sales from the same amount […]

What is Podcast Video

What is Podcast Video

Podcast Video A growing trend online is podcast video. While podcasting was originally only for audio files, more people are beginning to send video, especially with broadband connections more accessible. To podcast video, content distributors enclose it in a web syndication file that users can download and view when they want. Users subscribe to the […]