What Is Drip Marketing?

The market offers many interesting and dynamic marketing options to boost the sales and bottom lines of businesses today. One of the cost effective and efficient marketing strategies is drip marketing. Drip marketing involves an auto-responder that automates the sending of business or promotional emails to identified business customers or potential leads. This technology gadget […]

Click-Throughs in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is known to be a popular choice of online marketing strategies among business owners and marketers who want more traffic to their web business sites. This is a very effective marketing strategy that boosts business presence and sales quickly with organic traffic when deployed efficiently. Many consumers today have at least one email […]

Snapchat Marketing

Interesting tools and solutions in the form of dynamic apps have emerged in the marketplace and the Internet where social media marketing dominates the business arena. These social platforms have been great sources of organic traffic that is highly coveted by businesses in all industries. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter enjoy billions of […]

Predicting the Flow of Digital Marketing in 2018

The emergence of digital technology in recent years brought about great changes to not only consumers but also the business world. Digital marketing strategies impacted every facet of the business world as well as every facet of life in most consumers; thus, resulting in a peak on marketing endeavors in all industries. A lot of […]

Performance Marketing With 2-Tier Affiliate Programs

Business owners and marketers today require the best of marketing strategies to convince consumers of their brand and products or services. Even affiliate marketing programs are not spared from the increasing competition in the marketplace that pulls back success for the affiliate marketers despite the experience and expertise in the industry. Today, affiliate marketers need […]

Mobilegeddon – The Latest in Internet Marketing

There was an era where it was known to be a battle of the sexes where the fairer sex demanded equal opportunities with the masculine counterpart. Today, a different type of intense battle is emerging with the rise of mobile technology replacing traditional marketing options in Internet marketing. It is a well known fact that […]

Adding Tumblr to Your Marketing Toolbox

Business owners and marketers who are diligent with an updated marketing toolbox of potential marketing tools and solutions are poised to succeed in the marketplace. Different marketing campaigns with different business objectives would require different types of toolboxes containing a variety of marketing tools and solutions. Most businesses may secure a couple of tried and […]

5 Ways to Ramp Up Your Affiliate Marketing Profits

Every consumer who goes into affiliate marketing hopes to win big through huge sales with little effort. Many extraordinary promises are made by eager marketers who wish to enlist recruits into their home-based online marketing program like affiliate marketing. There are the promises of easy setup, no necessity of a website, product or experience to […]